Diaper Baby Changing Basket Changing Table for Dresser Girls Boys Basket with/without Cushion Cotton


Changing Basket: changing basket is expertly handwoven from sustainable materials.
it is high quality, extremely durable, and has a natural look and
feel that will enhance the design of any room. Each basket is designed
with high sides and handles to ensure your baby’s safety and security.
THICK, COMFORTABLE, WATERPROOF PILLOW: Each basket comes with a thick,
comfortable foam pillow that will bring a smile to your baby’s face.
The cushions can be easily wiped clean after an unexpected spill,
are waterproof and machine washable, and will look like new for years.
Fits most dressers and changing units, TheChanging Basket is large enough to comfortably change your baby,
yet small enough to fit in most changing areas, with room for other essentials.
The lightweight and portable design makes it easy to move from room to room and change quickly when needed.
The perfect accent for any child’s room: handwoven has a simple,
natural elegance that complements any style and design. Whether modern or classic,
boy or girl, the changing basket will keep your nursery organized.
Easy to change on the go: With a lightweight, durable frame and reliable handles,
the MiniMoose changing basket is easy to move from room to room and can carry all your essentials.
You can also take it with you on car trips or for a quick change when visiting family and friends.

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